Canadian Designed and Built, With off the Shelf Canadian Parts.

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 Hurricane spreader is a heavy duty spreader that is designed to meet the demands of modern agriculture and custom work to handle the toughest conditions. AVAILABLE in 10  to 40 ton models.

Drag line systems. A complete range including Injectors , dribble Booms and rotary chopper distributors. Our Heavy construction is available in widths from 16 ft to 36ft. Years of experience allows us to design the best system to suit your needs.

Spread Booms up to 60 ft, featuring a galvanized heavy duty construction, extra long swing arm, quick release rubber nozzles. and retractable legs.Lots of options including flowmeter, blow-out tee or rear hitch. Call us for custom options designed for you.

Hose coilers availble in single or tandem axle, 3 pt or loader mount. Hydraulic drive, chainless gearbox, offset hitch and available with lots of custom options designed for your operation.

 The Mudslide trailer uses a modern design to optimize strength & capacity. Built from AR 400 steel it works great for hauling stones, rocks, dirt and gravel or Haul grain and silage.  Built for agricultural, forestry or landscaping.

 Our Razor is an innovative road and construction site leveler that achieves precision leveling through its dual multi-position blades. These blades, along with the Razor’s longer working length, remove the ripple effect from the working surface.

Silage Trailers using the Trinovation design features the combination of a tapered body design and the high clearance of the up and over tail gate allows for silage and bulky materials to slide out of the the trailer easily.

 Avalanche trailers have a lower side height and a wider body. Standard walking beam tandem axle, a mesh grill with a plexiglass drop-in panel for use when hauling grain or more liquid materials and many custom options designed to best suit your needs!

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